Set Menus 2 Courses for €14.95 & 3 Courses for €17.95! – Terms and Conditions

To the Customer

Wondering when and where you can use it? Check out the terms, below.

Wondering when and where you can use it? There are a few restrictions. Check out the terms & conditions below. 1. Feel free to use your code all day every day from Monday 22 July to Sunday 1 September 2019 inclusive. 2. What do you get with it? a) A starter and a main course for €14.95 from the list below, or b) A starter, a main course and a dessert for €17.95 from the list below Starters* • Dough Balls 'Milano' (V) • Garlic Bread with Mozzarella (V) • Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato Salad (V) (GF) Main Course • Classic or Leggera pizza, salad, or Al Forno dish. Desserts • Chocolate Fudge Cake (V) • Vanilla Cheesecake (V) • Coppa Gelato (V) (GF) • Leggera Raspberry Sorbet (V) (Ve) (GF) We’ll discount the cheapest items from your bill. You’ll have to pay a little more for any extra toppings, or if you want to upgrade a Classic pizza to a Romana base or Calabrese (just ask your waiter for more details). *Can’t eat gluten? Start with gluten-free Dough Balls instead, and bear in mind that our gluten-free pizzas are only available in a Classic size. *Can’t eat dairy? Indulge with our dairy-free Coconut or Raspberry Leggera Sorbet instead (Ve) (V) (GF). *If you order a La Reine, the price of your pizza will include a discretionary 30c donation to Milano’s official charity partner, Enable Ireland. If you order a Veneziana, the price of your pizza will include a discretionary 30c donation to the Veneziana Fund. These 30c donations will not be subject to the discount. If you’d like to have this removed, just ask your waiter. 3. Only valid when dining in. You can’t use it on collection orders, or for delivery. 4. Feel free to use the 2 Courses and 3 Courses Set Menus together, but please bear in mind that they can’t be used in conjunction with any other partner or Milano promotional offers. Valid for a single group/party only, bills cannot be split to benefit from multiple discounts. 5. To claim your discount, just hand your code over to your waiter when getting the bill. 6. A code can only be used once, so make the most of it and bring in your friends – it will cover your whole party. Sadly we can’t exchange it for cash, just great value food. 7. Offer brought to you by: Agenbite Limited (trading as Milano), 38 Main Street, Swords, Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland.